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New 2013 product range will allow us to achieve the two major long-term objectives of marketing and sales: regional expansion and strengthening our positions in local markets.


Dairy product range now includes “Fresh” products. We also released a brand’s line of classic dairy products in PET bottles such as 3%fat milk, selected 3.4-4.2% fat milk, 2.5% fat kefir. The brand range of “Izhmoloko” includes new dairy products line “Fitness” of 1.5% fat, they are strawberry and pineapple flavored yoghurt drink and bio-kefir in 450g PET bottle.

The brand “Toptyzhka” now includes 2.5% fat milk cocktails of chocolate and strawberry flavors and 1.5% fat yoghurt drink with blueberry, raspberry and strawberry flavors.

The brand “Kezsky cheese factory” launched the line of whole-milk products in 400g, 450g and 900g Ecolean pack (Sweden).

Cottage cheese with saved grain-structure is among the brand “Zelo zelenoe” novelties of 2013. The product is handy packed – in 200g and 500g packs with reopening function. In 2013 the brand product range included soft pickled cheese with pasta “Filata”. They are: smoked and non-smoked cheese “Chechil” plait-, sticks- and spaghetti-shaped, and non-smoked “Suluguni”cheese in soft vacuumed pack “Darfresh”.

In 2013 the ice-cream product variety included “Monster University” line, which is released under the “Disney” license and “Retro” ice-cream line of 18% fat.


“Selo zelenoe” and “Varaksino” brands premium quality eggs “Elita” in new 6-egg package were a novelty product in their category. 1 egg-weight is from 75g to 84.9g.


In 2013 a priority of meat products segment development was placed on high-margin products, such as chopped and vacuumed smoked and cooked delicatesse like “Ryabchik” pig, “Vostochnaya” rib, “Stolichny” ham, “Moskivsky” carbonade under the trade-mark of “Vostochny”, “Posolsky” chicken roll and “Kuriny oreshek” under the trade mark of “Glazovskaya ptica”. It also included new kinds of uncooked smoked sausages of premium segment – “Kantwurst” and “Medovaya” which are packed in barrier film with blanket of carbon dioxide, which allows saving quality and taste up to 6 months.

In 2013 “Glazovskaya ptitsa” brand product range was expanded due to rapidly developing segment of poultry semi-finished products for bake. We launched production of broiler chicken round in pickle “Barbeque Steak”, shank of broiler chicken in kefir pickle. These products are made with Cryovac® Ovenease technology, that performs an opportunity to bake poultry without unwrapping the pack. We became the first in Russia to introduce the technology.

Development of prospective segment of meat products – market category “Sausages and sausage links” affected new “Glazovskaya ptica” branded products manufacturing including chicken sausages “Molochnye”, sausage links “Shkolnye”. Sausage links “Doktorskie po-russki” (“Vostochny” LLC) expanded the assortment with the solidest and most popular edible coated sausage lines and complemented the bestselling “Pig sausage-line”. “Upletayk” sausages (“Vostochny” brand-name) are produced for expanding the assortment within the new category for the regional market “Fixed-weight sausages”.


In 2013 novelties are produced: starter and prestarter compound feed subjected to wet-heat treatments for rearers and young birds. Such technology allows to 100% save vitamins and enzymes. Technology also provides effective growth of young stock under miner compound feed consuming.