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We actively develop KOMOS GROUP’s product portfolio, with main market trends in mind. We work on creation and promotion of regional and federal brands putting at stake deploying state-of-the-art technologies and packaging solutions. Our perspective national and regional brands are “Selo Zelenoe” (dairy products, eggs), “Toptyzhka” (dairy products for children), Kezsky cheese factory (dairy products). “Krasnokamsky meat plant” (chilled processed meat and sausage products), Rybatskie bayki” and “Udmurtriba” (fish products).

“In harmony with nature”

This is a federal dairy brand, which belongs to the high medium price market segment, in 2012 the Forbes listed “Selo Zelenoe” brand in the top 10 most successful Russian startup brands. The product variety includes milk, baked milk, goat milk, cream, yogurst and whey based drinks with a variety of flavors in modern Tetra Brik Aseptic Square cartons with a Stream Cap closure. In 2013 the product variety included “Fresh”dairy products: 82.5% fat “Tradicionnoe” butter, 5%, 9% fat and skim short brittle cottage cheese were turned out.

Since 2012 this brand’s product variety includes 10-egg packages, since 2013 – 6 egg packages of premium quality“Elita”. Sales volume of “Selo zelenoe” grew in 7.5 times: from 1.5 million eggs in 2012 to 11.5 million eggs in 2013. In Moscow region sales volume of “Selo zelenoe” grew from 363 thousand eggs in 2012 to 7 736 thousand eggs in 2013.

Tasty and nutritional treats for kids “Grow with “Toptyzhka”!

“Toptyzhka” is a regional dairy brand for children that exists since 2002. The product range includes UHT-milk, glazed cheese curds, curd deserts, milk cocktails, yogurts and ice cream.

The bestselling product is UHT-milk packaged in 0,2l cartons with a straw enriched with vitamins and recommended for children. Since 2006 all school children in the Udmurt Republic from 1st to 5th grade drink “Toptyzhka” milk every day within the framework of the “School Milk” program.

The milk cocktail variety includes the following flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and banana packaged in 0.2l and 0.5l cartons.

In 2013 Toptyzhka’s product variety included new product – UHT-milk cocktail “Strawberries Chantilly” in ТВА Sq 0.95 kg and 0.5 kg and ТВА with straw 0.2 kg packs. The product variety also included “Fresh” dairy products – HT-milk cocktails of chocolate and strawberry flavors 2.5% fat in PET bottles 0.3l and 1.5% fat yoghurt drink with blueberry, raspberry and strawberry flavors in PET bottles 0.3l.

County milk quality

“Kezsky cheese factory” is a brand of cheese and dairy products of mid-range segment with the same-name of manufacturing plant. The product line includes classic semi-hard, soft and processed cheese. In 2013 the brand’s product assortment included soft pickled cheese “Chechil”, “Suluguni”, the line of semi-hard cheese in slices, whole-milk products and fermented milk products in Ecolean pack.

Made of meat

“Krasnikamsky meat processing plant” – is a new brand of high-range segment for customers who appreciate quality, look after their health. Products of ”Krasnikamsky meat processing plant” are made solely of top-quality natural meat of own production. Fresh chilled meat arrives directly at the plant from pig farms “Vostochny” LLC every day. The brand’s product line includes natural chilled processed food and sausage products packed with protective atmosphere.

“Rybatskie Bayki” – fish products for a good company!
An empty stomach can’t be filled with tales.

A new brand which represents processed fish products is positioned in the high medium price market segment. This brand was restyled at the end of 2012. The brand product range includes “herring with greens”, “marinated herring”, mackerel, and hunchback salmon in various marinades, hot-smoked and cold-smoked fish, dried fish and delicacies.


The brand represents high price market segment. The brand was restyled in 2013 however the brand strength remained the same. The brand’s variety line includes wide range of preserves, salads, cold and hot smoked vacuumed fish and delicatessen. The assortment is ever-evolving with upgrading package.

In 2014 we are going to produce fresh-frozen packed fish under the trade-mark “Udmurtryba”.