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OF 2013

We established long-term strategy of meat processing development drawing on experience of leading global experts. Cooperation with the President of The Common Economic Space Meat Council (CES) Musheg Mamikonyan and Travaglini Company, the world leader in sausage manufacture equipment producing, grants us an opportunity to move meat processing segment to the next level.

In 2013 the share of chilled production sales reached 33%, volume of meat and premade food sales of “Glazovskaya ptica” trade-name rose by 14%. In 2014 we are planning to bring the sales volume of chilled products up to 50% and to switch meat products and premade food to branded pack. “Udmurtskaya poultry plant” underwent Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and got ICO22000 certificate for security system. That will allow promoting our products.

We proceeded previous investment projects. “Udmurtskaya poultry plant” reduced significantly adverse environmental impact after the first phase of waste water treatment units reconstruction had been accomplished. In 2014 we installed new equipment “Nijhuis Water Technology” (Holland), which will present an opportunity for waste water treatment units to become one of the most up-to-date within the poultry farming sphere in Russia.

We kept on working at efficiency upgrading in poultry farming segment. Installation of eggshell temperature control system “Ovoscan” and water refrigeration at brooding section will provide an opportunity to increase hatching by 2%. After environment system reconstruction at slaughter and processing section, optimization of fixed weight selection of meat yield with giblets rose from 82% to 84%.

Own compound feed production at “Glazovsky feed mill” is one of the key factors of The Company effectiveness. Implementation of innovative feeds and technological standards of feeding allowed reducing feed outgoing while growth from 1.89kg to 1.76kg at “Udmurtskaya poultry plant”.

In 2013 share of high-tech and high-marginal feed for growing stock in production volume at “Glazovsky feed mill” rose by 8.7%. Nowadays the enterprise produces 1.9% of the total pre-starter production volume in Russia. Modernization of microelement dosage line allowed to increase accuracy of microelement dosage in starters and pre-starters. Formula and quality of the feed, produced at the mill, allow exceeding goal posts of breeds and crosses efficiency index.

We also expanded feed sales geography to 21 regions and proceeded to own dealer system development. Designated representatives of “Glazovsky feed mill” started to operate within the territory of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. In 2013 new manufacturing area “Mozhginsky elevator” became a part of the mill. As a result power supply rose by 90 000 tons annually. That was a strategic step; we believe that it would allow the mill to enter the market of the neighboring countries.


INDICATOR 20092010201120122013
Sales revenue, million rubles 3 6364 4394 6304 9015 468
Net profit, million rubles 4033576254129*
Net assets, million rubles 8021 0541 1801 2081 140**
EBITDA, million rubles 472801614806766
EBITDA, % 131813.316.414
*Index fluctuation is conditioned upon grain cost increase and sales price reduction
**Index fluctuation is conditioned upon dividend payout to a holder


Poultry (live weight), tonnes
24 760
28 054
32 686
33 860
37 101
37 387