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2013 events proved viability of the chosen direction for the company’s development.


“Kezsky cheese factory” ran soft-ripened cheese manufacturing, “Glazov-moloko” launched new cottage-cheese line.
Investment volume of soft-ripened cheese manufacturing exceeded 100 million rubles. The manufacture was equipped with Italian and French production lines that allowed to produce 1 000 tons of soft-ripened cheese annually – they are “Suluguni”, “Chechil” and more than 20 items. Gross investment volume in cottage-
-cheese with saved grain structure production project made 82 million rubles at “Glazov-moloko”. The line was equipped with microclimate generating plant that provided air sterility and terms of storage extension (14-21 days) without using of preserving agents.

Representatives of “WIBERG GmbH” visited meat processing plants of KOMOS GROUP.
“WIBERG” has been engaged in spice and complex mixture for sausage, meat products and processed food manufacturing for more than 60 years. “WIBERG” supplies plants of more than 76 countries with spice; however the company deals only with major producers on a direct basis.

“Varaksino poultry plant” LLC launched logistic center building.
Approximately 215 million rubles will be assigned for project realization, which is predicted to be accomplished by the autumn 2014.

“MILKOM” JSC was honored with “The best products for kids” award.
Dairy products of “MILKOM” JSC were honored with diploma and medal of “The best products for kids” contest. Manufacturing areas of “Sarapul-moloko”, “Glazov-moloko”, “Kezskycheese factory” and “Izhmoloko” of “MILKOM” JSC are furnished with modern equipment, that’s why they yield products that meet all the European quality standards.

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