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2013 events proved viability of the chosen direction for the company’s development.


“KOMOS GROUP” launched Krasnokamsky meet processing plant production.
On the 9th of July the official opening of Krasnokamsky meat processing plant – a branch of “Vostochny” LLC was held. Modernization at the meat processing plant started after two-year deadtime: chilled processed food, cooked, smoked-scaled and semi-smoked sausages and meat delicatesse manufacturing was upgraded.

“Glazov-moloko” won gold medal at the sectorial quality contest.
Traditional butter of 82,5% fat in matter and creamy-vegetable spread of “Glazov-moloko” won gold medals at the “International butter and cheese manufacturers week” in Uglich. Creamy-
-vegetable chocolate spread won the silver medal. The company also won the special award for high quality and unique package.

“KOMOS GROUP” LLC duly met its obligation regarding the 4th coupon payment on its bonds.
“KOMOS GROUP” LLC duly met its obligation regarding partial repayment on its bonds (30% value) and paid coupon yield regarding the 4th coupon payment on its bonds.
The Company allocated 61.7 million rubles to meet this obligation that makes 41.14 rubles per bond and 450.0 million rubles that makes 300 rubles per bond to meet partial repayment.

KOMOS GROUP set up the first meat Cash&Carry warehouse in Izhevsk.
“Trading Company” a branch of “KOMOSGROUP” LLC set up the first meat Cash&Carry warehouse that provides purchasing at retail and in a small bulk. Meat warehouse specializes in the sale of chilled meat, processed food and meat delicacies.

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