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2013 events proved viability of the chosen direction for the company’s development.


The management of “Cargill” and “KOMOS GROUP” negotiated the possibilities for cooperation broadening.
TheCEOof “Cargill” James Dolinchuyk visited “Kigbaevsky bacon” LLC and the manufacturing area of “Sarapulmoloko” “MILKOM” JSC.

The manufacturing area of “Sarapul-moloko” launched a co-project with Tetra Pak on manufacturing environmental progress improving.
Co-project OCR (Operating Cost Reduction) designed to raise productive and ecological efficiency of the enterprise: decrease of line deadtime, loss of the product, wrapping, water, electricity and steam, line preparation for production operation optimization.

“KOMOS GROUP” LLC was recognized as “The Employer of Choice-2013”.
As a result of a thorough research of Russian employers awarded “KOMOS GROUP” LLC with the status of “The Employer of Choice 2012”.“KOMOS GROUP” LLC is awarded with this status 3 years running, that indicates the Company’s credibility.

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