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KOMOS GROUP is one of the leading food producers in Russia. Our products are natural, high quality, safe, and enjoy well deserved recognition among consumers.


KOMOS GROUP is a well-coordinated team of professionals. We promote order and progress by choosing the most effective solutions. This allows us to make natural, high quality, and safe food products available to everyone. We contribute to the future of a powerful country by taking care of people’s health.


KOMOS GROUP is one of the leading food producers in Russia. We produce natural and safe products of high quality that are well recognized among consumers. Close cooperation with world market leaders enables us to achieve high efficiency in production.


Expertise and high technologies – we achieve our goals through efficient high technology production and involvement of professionals dedicated to ideals of order, quality, and beauty.

Safety – as a food producer we consider food safety and consumers’ health our main priority.

Fairness and respect – the policy that KOMOS GROUP conducts towards its employees is based on the principles of reaching everyone’s maximum potential, fair compensation, and reward for those who achieve good results. We have created a successful, result-oriented team based on respect, mutual understanding, and intergenerational continuity.

Partnership – by producing our own raw materials, we provide a turnkey production cycle and distribute our products either through our own retail chain or in cooperation with the largest national retailers as their reliable partner.

Rationality – our company works as a strong owner who develops production technology and provides profit growth and business capitalization.

Transparency – we operate openly and publicly and thereby increase the investment attractiveness of the Group.